In Wakami we believe that individual dreams are strong . . .
and that collective dreams are unstoppable!


Wakami is a system that empowers underprivileged communities and connects them to markets around the world. Our accessories are handcrafted with care by women in rural villages of Guatemala. Wakami generates income opportunities and access to products and services for our local entrepreneurs and their families that improve their quality of life. That is why at Wakami we say:

“Dreams + Opportunities = Change”


The Wakami system implements the Inclusive Business Methodology, which incubates, establishes, and strengthens rural business led primarily by rural women. The methodology includes nine training cycles conducted over a two-year time span.

By implementing its parallel methodologies, Wakami seeks to achieve 5 goals:

1 |  Utilize and develop local skills and assets to create local businesses that are capable of participating in Wakami’s global value chain.

2 | Enhance the Wakami brand of products by following the latest market trends and expanding into new markets in different countries

3 | improve the quality of life of the families living in the rural communities where we operate by creating sustainable sources of income and knowledge of and access to healthy community products.

4 | Use a detailed process to monitor and evaluate our impact in each community for continuous improvement.

5 | Develop a base of information about business incubation and value chain development that is transferable to other products and to communities worldwide.